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The ROVVER® 600 is the only steerable crawler that can inspect pipes from 6 to 60 inch diameter. At 12-inches long, it is more compact than similar inspection crawlers yet packs the power to move through restricted pipe, large offsets and protruding pipe taps. The system's automatic motorized cable reel senses the crawler's movement and automatically reels it in or out of pipes. The hand-held remote pendant easily steers the ROVVER® 600 around multiple elbows and solid obstructions and controls the crawler's focus, lighting, speed and pan & tilt functions. The ROVVER® 600 is the most advanced inspection system for sewer, drain, water, electrical conduit and process lines.
- On screen accurate footage
- On screen inclinometer
- Pan-and-tilt  auto-focus color camera for fully
   directional and clear view at all times
- Configurable from 6 to 60 inch diameter pipe
- Fully steerable in forward & reverse.
- Submersible to 10 meters
- Built in transmitter for location including depth
- 1300 foot range with 2 access points, 650 foot with 1 access
- Automatic motorized cable reel for easy insertion and removal
- Can be made portable for facilities work


The RIDGID COLOR MINI-SEESNAKE PLUS® is a tough, small diameter push camera capable of navigating multiple 2 inch 90 degree turns and 3 inch P-Traps. Built-in transmitter works with RIDGID SCOUT®

  • Line Capacity: 1.25  to 6 in
  • Maximum Run: 200 ft
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs / 11.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 51 x 28 x 58 cm
  • Push Cable Diameter: 0.31 in / 8 mm
  • Operating Temperature: 14° to 122°F / -10° to 50°C
    The RIDGID NAVITRACK SCOUT® is a very recent advance in pipe location technology. Using multiple receivers, this equipment models the 3D magnetic field allowing for precise location and depth readings.
  • Multi-directional antenna and easy to read display
    make locating cameras and remote transmitters fast, easy and accurate.
  • Scout allows you to walk to the target by maximizing signal strength. The nulls  and false peaks that make other locators difficult have been eliminated.
  • Digital signal strength and mapping display confirm location of target. Battery strength and frequency selection are also displayed.
  • Automatically calculates depth when over the target.
  • Specifications
  • Weight: 3 lbs
  • Standard Frequencies:  Sonde: 512   Hz, 640 Hz
  • Depth 15 to 20 feet depending on ground and pipe     composition
    - High resolution video (MP4) with voice narration and on-screen information
       (footage, instantaneous grade)
    - Accurate and concise information
    - Mapping, Plan views, Google Maps/Earth
    - Global information for each run (ie. pipe type, location, direction, GPS, etc.)
    - Table of footage features and defects
    - Video still images
    - Conclusions for each run
    - Color PDF reports
    - Prompt execution and delivery
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